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Homemade Marble cake

Have you ever wanted to have a homemade marble cake? Then since you are exactly right here with the recipe we show you how you can easily make a marble cake at home.   This is what need for your homemade marble cake A baking oven mixer Marble cake shape 2 empty bowls 450g flour […]

Is coffee Vegan?

As a result of which there are more and more adherents of the vegan life culture, the topic of vegan is all about mouth. But what many do not know is that there are already many products which are from home as vegan as for example coffee. Coffee is 100% vegan Dadurch das Kaffee ein […]

Help against Hangover

Do you know that a great evening has come to an end, you have drunk something about the thirst and the next morning you have a bumbling skull and regrets that you have drunk so much alcohol? We give you a small and fast recipe before the makes you fit again after this night. It […]

Battery operated milk frother

With battery powered milk frothers can be a quick and uncomplicated style very good milk foam manufacture.   On what you should pay attention to the purchase Der Milchschäumer sollte gut in der Hand liegen damit er während dem betrieb nicht verrutschen kann. Der ein und ausschalt Knopf sollte gut zum bedienen sein. Zudem sollte […]

3 minutes brownie without baking recipe

Have you ever wanted to have a brownie but you have not had one at home? With today’s recipe I show you we can prepare you a brownie yourself in about 3 minutes and without using an oven. This is what you need for the brownie recipe An empty bowl Flour sugar cocoa egg Vegetable […]

Prepare the perfect cappuccino

One of the most popular coffees is the cappuccino and the almost all over the world. But many ask the question how do I prepare the perfect cappuccino zuhaus. The prerequisites to make a Cappuccino is that one possesses an Espresso-Maschinemit steam jet. The Cappuccino Recipe Fill a metal can to a third with cold […]

Does cold coffee taste?

Does cold coffee taste? Cold Brew around the world. But does it taste cold coffee? The optimal temperature for coffee is optimal white between 90 ° and 95 ° C. While chilled filter coffee is excited by many horrors, a fresh, cold-brewed coffee can actually be a real pleasure. This trend has long been widespread […]

What is the difference between Arabica & Robusta Coffee?

Arabica Kaffee vs. Robusta Kaffee Most people think the Arabica coffee is better than Robusta coffee, this assumption is actually not so wrong. However, one should know the man Arabica coffee not always Arabica and Robusta does not have to be always Robusta coffee.     The differences: Arabica and Robusta coffee are two different coffees. Arabica […]