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My new Blue Latte Art Video

Watch my new Latte Art video, in this video I’m making a new Colored Latte Art video to be exactly a Rosetta pattern in blue. If you would like to learn how to make such beautiful works of art in your coffee, then get my book „How to be a Barista“ at an absolute price […]

Lor coffee test – Nespresso alternativ

The packaging The LÓR coffee capsules come in a very beautiful and stylish black packaging with golden accents. The package contains 10 aluminum coffee capsules which are also compatible with Nespresso coffee makers. Nespresso coffee machine compatibility When unpacking, immediately the design of the capsules on which also the packaging in black with gold accents […]

Latte Art – Coffee art with color

Latte Art – Coffee art with color Latte Art We all know the little works of art that Barista is conjuring up in our coffee called Latte Art. There are many different patterns that you can conjure into a coffee with the milk and it is always a surprise which pattern you get poured into […]

Grand 2 in 1 Test & Review

Grand 2 in 1 Coffee I came across a coffee powder when it was called Grand 2 in 1. I thought well, you can try it out. The company Grand is one of the leading coffee company in the holiday resort so I thought I would try it out. Preparation First of all you have […]

Low Carb Pizza homemade

Low Carb Pizza Ingredients for the pizza ground: 200 g of magertops 150 g pizza cheese (grated) 3 Eggs Salt Pepper Ingredients for the topping 1/2 can tomato polpa 50g pizza cheese (grated) Cover your pizza after choice Preparation First you have to preheat oven to 170 degrees hot air. Now stir the pizza cheese, […]