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My new Blue Latte Art Video

Watch my new Latte Art video, in this video I’m making a new Colored Latte Art video to be exactly a Rosetta pattern in blue.

If you would like to learn how to make such beautiful works of art in your coffee, then get my book „How to be a Barista“ at an absolute price of 9.90 € instead of 17.90 €

With my book „How to be a Barista„, you can turn into a professional barista and without the knowledge you have!

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Lor coffee test – Nespresso alternativ

The packaging

The LÓR coffee capsules come in a very beautiful and stylish black packaging with golden accents. The package contains 10 aluminum coffee capsules which are also compatible with Nespresso coffee makers.

Nespresso coffee machine compatibility

When unpacking, immediately the design of the capsules on which also the packaging in black with gold accents are kept. According to the manufacturer, the aluminum capsules by Lor are 100% compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

I tested the compatibility of the capsules with the Nespresso Umilk. And I can say the capsules of Lor are 100% Compatible The coffee machine has absolutely no problems with the capsules, the capsules also do not hang at the ejection and are also not more damaged like a Nespresso coffee capsule.


The crema of the coffee is excellent and close to identical to the Nespresso coffees as well as the taste of the coffee there is absolutely nothing to complain about. In the video you can see the whole Lor coffee test

The Lor Coffee Test video

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Latte Art – Coffee art with color

Latte Art – Coffee art with color

Latte Art

We all know the little works of art that Barista is conjuring up in our coffee called Latte Art. There are many different patterns that you can conjure into a coffee with the milk and it is always a surprise which pattern you get poured into your coffee.

I myself am busy on my YouTube channel COFFEE ARTIST also very much with the theme Latte Art and have meanwhile already far over 100 videos on this subject turned, recently I have tried something with food color to make my Latte Art more colorful.

How is it done

You ask yourself how it is done in, principle it is very simple. I have mixed some food color in a cup with a little milk and again and again food color is poured up until the color is really intense. Because when you pour milk to the food color, the food color becomes lighter due to the milk. Therefore you should pay attention that the food color is very intensive in the coffee cup.

After the milk is mixed with the food color and the milk is heated in the milk jug just pour a beautiful Latte Art pattern into the coffee cup. If you do not know how to make Latte Art you can see my e-book How to be a Barista in this I explain exactly how to become a professional Barista from beginners without previous knowledge and of course how to make perfect Latte Art.

Colorful Latte Art Videos

What you need to make colored Latte Art

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Element Vrsac Serbia Review


The first impression

The Cafe Element is located in the center of Vršac. At first glance it looks very stylish and hip. Outside there is also a very nice garden. Inside the restaurant you can expect a very hip and stylish design. I was at about 20 o’clock in the cafe element and the cafe was both outdoors and indoors extremely full. But the staff was still very friendly and helpful. The toilets of the cafe were very clean and well maintained, there was only one very funny feature. Men and women are not spatially separated but there are 2 toilets for men and 2 toilets for women in the same room.

Drinks & food

I ordered an espresso and a freshly squeezed apple juice. The espresso was not bad but I found it bit too bitter, the freshly pressed apple juice was however excellent. To the food I ordered the „Juneći Burger“, which is a burger with beef. The burger was ok but not the best burger because I ate, Visually, it was nicely presented but the meat was a bit dry. My accompaniment has ordered pork fillet in sauce with fried potatoes, which is called „Svinjski file u susamu sa aromatizivanim krompirom“. According to my accompaniment, the pork fillet was unfortunately very dry and tough.

Element Jelovik Vrsac

The conclusion

It’s a really cool and very nice cafe right in the center of town. The food was not bad but also not particularly good. It is recommended however one should not have particularly high requirements

Side Facts

  • Duration until the drinks came to the table: 7: 39min
  • Duration until the meal came to the table: 30: 57min
  • Wifi: YES
  • Credit cards / bank account payment: YES



  • Service
  • Ambiente
  • Food
  • Price / Performance
  • Toilets
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Grand 2 in 1 Test & Review

Grand 2 in 1 Coffee

I came across a coffee powder when it was called Grand 2 in 1. I thought well, you can try it out. The company Grand is one of the leading coffee company in the holiday resort so I thought I would try it out.


First of all you have to boil water best in a water cooker. As soon as the water has been boiled, pour the hot water into a coffee cup and stir the coffee powder, stirring until the powder has completely dissolved.

2 in 1 Grand Coffee Preparation

Water heater

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Low Carb Pizza homemade

Low Carb Pizza

Ingredients for the pizza ground:

  • 200 g of magertops
  • 150 g pizza cheese (grated)
  • 3 Eggs
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Ingredients for the topping

  • 1/2 can tomato polpa
  • 50g pizza cheese (grated)
  • Cover your pizza after choice


First you have to preheat oven to 170 degrees hot air. Now stir the pizza cheese, magertops and eggs in a bowl. Season the whole mass with a pinch of salt and pepper. After everything is well mixed together the dough on a plate, but do not forget to put a baking paper on the baking sheet. Now place the baking tray in the oven and bake 15 minutes

After 15 minutes, remove the baking tray and allow it to cool for 1 – 2 minutes.

Now spread with tomato polpa and season with salt and pepper and cover with your desired covering.

Now put it in the oven again for 5 – 10 minutes. Good Appetite…!!!

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Zanoni & Zanoni am Lugeck Vienna

Zanoni & Zanoni

The first impression:

When I arrived at the Zanoni & Zanoni ice cream parlor, I first saw a huge crowd of people in front of the restaurant. I thought first of all that a group of tourists held in front of the ice cream parlor. However, I noticed very quickly that it is not a tourist group, but people around the take away to get an ice cream.

I did not want to have any ice cream to take away, so I took a seat around the garden. But the garden was also full there was not a single seat. That is why I then in the internal internal further searched and was also found.

The restaurant was very full, the staff was very friendly and helpful.

A criticism, are the toilets. The man’s toilet was anything but not clean. The toilet was more or less under water, the whole floor was wet and the water stood about 1cm high distributed over the entire toilet room. Toilet paper was also distributed over the toilet room on the floor. I know that in the day, there were a lot of guests in the restaurant, but this can be solved in any case better. e.g. By shortening the intervals of the toilet check during the peak hours.

The ice:

I ordered for my companion and me once the Coppa Mascarpone & Coppa Nutella. About the ice you can not say anything it tastes delicious. I can not complain about the ice quality.




The conclusion:

The ice cream parlor Zanoni & Zanoni at Lugeck 7 in 1010 Vienna is always worth a visit. I will certainly come back when I am nearby and enjoy a delicious ice cream. For what is there already more beautiful than a good tasting ice cream on nice summer days.

  • Duration until the order came to the table: 1: 11min
  • Wifi: YES
  • Credit cards payment: YES


  • Service
  • Ambiente
  • Essen
  • Preis / Leistung
  • Toiletten

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Block House in Vienna

Block House at Naschmarkt

A new Streak restaurant was opened on Linke Wienzeile 4 in 1060 Vienna, namely the Block House. I would like to share with you my personal experience report, which I liked and which I did not like.


The first impression:

As I entered the restaurant, I was greeted very politely by the staff, it was not very busy in the blockhouse, so the service staff after which I asked which table I could have for 2 people said I have free space, so have I chose a nice window with my companion.

The place looks very clean and tidy, furnished it is typical of a typical wooden house. However, they should pay more attention to the sanitary facilities, because in the gentlemen as well as in the ladies toilet lay toilet paper on the floor the mirrors were dirty and in the ladies toilet was a very unpleasant smell. If we were at a time when it was busy and the place was completely crowded, I would even understand it somehow, when we were in the restaurant, the blockhouse was not well visited.

The food:

We have ordered a N.Y. Cheeseburger & Huftsteak. The meat quality of the Hufsteak was very good the meat was juicy and soft and tasted very good, as a side dish we took the Hufsteak French fries instead of the backed potato.

This was a mistake because the french fries in the blockhouse are really bad, the French fries are the cheapest French fries that you can buy, there are many French fries of some cheap brands in the supermarket much better.

The N.Y. Cheeseburger was unfortunately nothing special, the meat was a little dry and tasted not special, which can be a lot better.


Our conclusion:

On the whole the blockhouse okay for me, it is not particularly outstanding but also not bad, it is rather I find average. I will come back to the Block House but definitely visit again.

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Krups XP3440 Espresso-Automat Calvi – Test

Thanks to the high-gloss black surfaces paired with the silver control panel, the Krups XP3440 coffee machine has a very noble look and the compact dimensions also do not require much space. The on / off switch of this pretty device is illuminated and easily accessible.

In addition, the coffee machine with its approx. 4.4 kilograms is almost a light weight, but the water tank of the Kurps XP 3340 with 1.1 liters is somewhat too small, but this can be traced back to its compact dimensions.

The coffee cup filling amounts can be controlled by the user himself, by turning the control element back to the 0 position when the desired filling quantity is reached. The Krups XP3440 can be used with coffee powder as well as coffee pods.

Of course you can with the Krups 3440 also milk foams and the even so well that one also latte kind milk foam with the coffee machine hinbekommt, the barista heart is so much more.


Our Conclusion:

The Krups XP3440 is not a professional sieve-carrying machine, but of course it is for beginners wanting to drink good coffee and for the first time come into contact with an Espresso sieve carrier, the Krups XP3440 is a recommended coffee machine. However, the small weaknesses of the coffee machine can be seen at a price of less than € 200.


28.6 x 14.3 x 30.8

Delivery content:

1x Kurps 3440

1x filter holder

1x Singel Screen

1x Double screen

1x water tank

operating manual


Price-performance ratio
good taste
Solid créma
intuitive operation
Easy care
Low cost per cup
Two-cup function
Automatic shutdown
Small product dressings


Volume of the water tank (1.1 liters)
Position of the water tank (at the rear of the unit)
Plastic housing