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Zanoni & Zanoni am Lugeck Vienna

Zanoni & Zanoni

The first impression:

When I arrived at the Zanoni & Zanoni ice cream parlor, I first saw a huge crowd of people in front of the restaurant. I thought first of all that a group of tourists held in front of the ice cream parlor. However, I noticed very quickly that it is not a tourist group, but people around the take away to get an ice cream.

I did not want to have any ice cream to take away, so I took a seat around the garden. But the garden was also full there was not a single seat. That is why I then in the internal internal further searched and was also found.

The restaurant was very full, the staff was very friendly and helpful.

A criticism, are the toilets. The man’s toilet was anything but not clean. The toilet was more or less under water, the whole floor was wet and the water stood about 1cm high distributed over the entire toilet room. Toilet paper was also distributed over the toilet room on the floor. I know that in the day, there were a lot of guests in the restaurant, but this can be solved in any case better. e.g. By shortening the intervals of the toilet check during the peak hours.

The ice:

I ordered for my companion and me once the Coppa Mascarpone & Coppa Nutella. About the ice you can not say anything it tastes delicious. I can not complain about the ice quality.




The conclusion:

The ice cream parlor Zanoni & Zanoni at Lugeck 7 in 1010 Vienna is always worth a visit. I will certainly come back when I am nearby and enjoy a delicious ice cream. For what is there already more beautiful than a good tasting ice cream on nice summer days.

  • Duration until the order came to the table: 1: 11min
  • Wifi: YES
  • Credit cards payment: YES


  • Service
  • Ambiente
  • Essen
  • Preis / Leistung
  • Toiletten

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Block House in Vienna

Block House at Naschmarkt

A new Streak restaurant was opened on Linke Wienzeile 4 in 1060 Vienna, namely the Block House. I would like to share with you my personal experience report, which I liked and which I did not like.


The first impression:

As I entered the restaurant, I was greeted very politely by the staff, it was not very busy in the blockhouse, so the service staff after which I asked which table I could have for 2 people said I have free space, so have I chose a nice window with my companion.

The place looks very clean and tidy, furnished it is typical of a typical wooden house. However, they should pay more attention to the sanitary facilities, because in the gentlemen as well as in the ladies toilet lay toilet paper on the floor the mirrors were dirty and in the ladies toilet was a very unpleasant smell. If we were at a time when it was busy and the place was completely crowded, I would even understand it somehow, when we were in the restaurant, the blockhouse was not well visited.

The food:

We have ordered a N.Y. Cheeseburger & Huftsteak. The meat quality of the Hufsteak was very good the meat was juicy and soft and tasted very good, as a side dish we took the Hufsteak French fries instead of the backed potato.

This was a mistake because the french fries in the blockhouse are really bad, the French fries are the cheapest French fries that you can buy, there are many French fries of some cheap brands in the supermarket much better.

The N.Y. Cheeseburger was unfortunately nothing special, the meat was a little dry and tasted not special, which can be a lot better.


Our conclusion:

On the whole the blockhouse okay for me, it is not particularly outstanding but also not bad, it is rather I find average. I will come back to the Block House but definitely visit again.