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Low Carb Pizza homemade

Low Carb Pizza Ingredients for the pizza ground: 200 g of magertops 150 g pizza cheese (grated) 3 Eggs Salt Pepper Ingredients for the topping 1/2 can tomato polpa 50g pizza cheese (grated) Cover your pizza after choice Preparation First you have to preheat oven to 170 degrees hot air. Now stir the pizza cheese, […]

Homemade Muffins

Hello today we show you how you can easily and uncomplicated make muffins at home. All you need is: 1 Mixer 1 A large empty bowl 150 g of sugar 160 g flour 30 g of cocoa 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 2 eggs A little milk 150 g butter (room temperature) […]

Homemade Marble cake

Have you ever wanted to have a homemade marble cake? Then since you are exactly right here with the recipe we show you how you can easily make a marble cake at home.   This is what need for your homemade marble cake A baking oven mixer Marble cake shape 2 empty bowls 450g flour […]

3 minutes brownie without baking recipe

Have you ever wanted to have a brownie but you have not had one at home? With today’s recipe I show you we can prepare you a brownie yourself in about 3 minutes and without using an oven. This is what you need for the brownie recipe An empty bowl Flour sugar cocoa egg Vegetable […]

Prepare the perfect cappuccino

One of the most popular coffees is the cappuccino and the almost all over the world. But many ask the question how do I prepare the perfect cappuccino zuhaus. The prerequisites to make a Cappuccino is that one possesses an Espresso-Maschinemit steam jet. The Cappuccino Recipe Fill a metal can to a third with cold […]