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Element Vrsac Serbia Review


The first impression

The Cafe Element is located in the center of Vršac. At first glance it looks very stylish and hip. Outside there is also a very nice garden. Inside the restaurant you can expect a very hip and stylish design. I was at about 20 o’clock in the cafe element and the cafe was both outdoors and indoors extremely full. But the staff was still very friendly and helpful. The toilets of the cafe were very clean and well maintained, there was only one very funny feature. Men and women are not spatially separated but there are 2 toilets for men and 2 toilets for women in the same room.

Drinks & food

I ordered an espresso and a freshly squeezed apple juice. The espresso was not bad but I found it bit too bitter, the freshly pressed apple juice was however excellent. To the food I ordered the „Juneći Burger“, which is a burger with beef. The burger was ok but not the best burger because I ate, Visually, it was nicely presented but the meat was a bit dry. My accompaniment has ordered pork fillet in sauce with fried potatoes, which is called „Svinjski file u susamu sa aromatizivanim krompirom“. According to my accompaniment, the pork fillet was unfortunately very dry and tough.

Element Jelovik Vrsac

The conclusion

It’s a really cool and very nice cafe right in the center of town. The food was not bad but also not particularly good. It is recommended however one should not have particularly high requirements

Side Facts

  • Duration until the drinks came to the table: 7: 39min
  • Duration until the meal came to the table: 30: 57min
  • Wifi: YES
  • Credit cards / bank account payment: YES



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