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Lor coffee test – Nespresso alternativ

The packaging

The LÓR coffee capsules come in a very beautiful and stylish black packaging with golden accents. The package contains 10 aluminum coffee capsules which are also compatible with Nespresso coffee makers.

Nespresso coffee machine compatibility

When unpacking, immediately the design of the capsules on which also the packaging in black with gold accents are kept. According to the manufacturer, the aluminum capsules by Lor are 100% compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

I tested the compatibility of the capsules with the Nespresso Umilk. And I can say the capsules of Lor are 100% Compatible The coffee machine has absolutely no problems with the capsules, the capsules also do not hang at the ejection and are also not more damaged like a Nespresso coffee capsule.


The crema of the coffee is excellent and close to identical to the Nespresso coffees as well as the taste of the coffee there is absolutely nothing to complain about. In the video you can see the whole Lor coffee test

The Lor Coffee Test video

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