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What is the difference between Arabica & Robusta Coffee?

Arabica Kaffee vs. Robusta Kaffee

Most people think the Arabica coffee is better than Robusta coffee, this assumption is actually not so wrong. However, one should know the man Arabica coffee not always Arabica and Robusta does not have to be always Robusta coffee.



The differences:

  • Arabica and Robusta coffee are two different coffees.
  • Arabica coffees grow in about 600 to over 1000 m height.
  • Robusta coffees grow at about 300-600 m height.
  • Robusta coffees are not as sensitive to climatic conditions and pests.
  • Robusta coffees have a higher caffeine content.
  • Arabica coffees have a much higher global market share and are sold at significantly higher prices.

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