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Krups XP3440 Espresso-Automat Calvi – Test

Thanks to the high-gloss black surfaces paired with the silver control panel, the Krups XP3440 coffee machine has a very noble look and the compact dimensions also do not require much space. The on / off switch of this pretty device is illuminated and easily accessible.

In addition, the coffee machine with its approx. 4.4 kilograms is almost a light weight, but the water tank of the Kurps XP 3340 with 1.1 liters is somewhat too small, but this can be traced back to its compact dimensions.

The coffee cup filling amounts can be controlled by the user himself, by turning the control element back to the 0 position when the desired filling quantity is reached. The Krups XP3440 can be used with coffee powder as well as coffee pods.

Of course you can with the Krups 3440 also milk foams and the even so well that one also latte kind milk foam with the coffee machine hinbekommt, the barista heart is so much more.


Our Conclusion:

The Krups XP3440 is not a professional sieve-carrying machine, but of course it is for beginners wanting to drink good coffee and for the first time come into contact with an Espresso sieve carrier, the Krups XP3440 is a recommended coffee machine. However, the small weaknesses of the coffee machine can be seen at a price of less than € 200.


28.6 x 14.3 x 30.8

Delivery content:

1x Kurps 3440

1x filter holder

1x Singel Screen

1x Double screen

1x water tank

operating manual


Price-performance ratio
good taste
Solid créma
intuitive operation
Easy care
Low cost per cup
Two-cup function
Automatic shutdown
Small product dressings


Volume of the water tank (1.1 liters)
Position of the water tank (at the rear of the unit)
Plastic housing

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