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Latte Art – Coffee art with color

Latte Art – Coffee art with color

Latte Art

We all know the little works of art that Barista is conjuring up in our coffee called Latte Art. There are many different patterns that you can conjure into a coffee with the milk and it is always a surprise which pattern you get poured into your coffee.

I myself am busy on my YouTube channel COFFEE ARTIST also very much with the theme Latte Art and have meanwhile already far over 100 videos on this subject turned, recently I have tried something with food color to make my Latte Art more colorful.

How is it done

You ask yourself how it is done in, principle it is very simple. I have mixed some food color in a cup with a little milk and again and again food color is poured up until the color is really intense. Because when you pour milk to the food color, the food color becomes lighter due to the milk. Therefore you should pay attention that the food color is very intensive in the coffee cup.

After the milk is mixed with the food color and the milk is heated in the milk jug just pour a beautiful Latte Art pattern into the coffee cup. If you do not know how to make Latte Art you can see my e-book How to be a Barista in this I explain exactly how to become a professional Barista from beginners without previous knowledge and of course how to make perfect Latte Art.

Colorful Latte Art Videos

What you need to make colored Latte Art

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