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Prepare the perfect cappuccino

One of the most popular coffees is the cappuccino and the almost all over the world. But many ask the question how do I prepare the perfect cappuccino zuhaus. The prerequisites to make a Cappuccino is that one possesses an Espresso-Maschinemit steam jet.

The Cappuccino Recipe

  • Fill a metal can to a third with cold milk.
  • Briefly open the hot water nozzle to drain the condensed water.
  • Dip the hot water nozzle into the milk. As soon as the first milk-foam forms and the Volume, let the jug drop a little so that the nozzle remains below the milk surface. In addition, keep the jug a little at an angle to produce a fluid effect in the milk.
  • Continue to supply steam until the milk has doubled its volume (maximum 65 ° C)
  • To remove bubbles in the milk, briefly bump the bottom of the jug on a flat surface.
  • Make a espresso in a cup.
  • Sprinkle the milk from the center directly into the cup.

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